There has always been a need for technical corporations taking care of audio recording, television, graphic design and animation, going in line with the recurring progression plans for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in order to produce relevant programs and items to enrich the media libraries of the local radio and television. Accordingly, the renowned artist Saeed Al Khumairi, who has been then titled: “the Abu Dhabi Pal”, suggested on Sheikh Saeed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan to sponsor the idea, and he started to develop the perceptions of establishing the new, almost the only one in the emirate, artistic foundation. Back then, the media man Adeeb Abdul Karim, who had been working in Abu Dhabi Radio, had a role in embodying the concept and bringing it into reality, so a search was made for a suitable place to establish the foundation and get it equipped with the audio studio and the necessary equipment. In 1994, when the Eldorado Cinema building was newly constructed, the project started and was launched in the same year with the presence of HH Sheikh Saeed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan and a number of poets, composers and persons interested. Al-Ayam Foundation has been the permanent and almost daily headquarter for those interested, and for various categories of artists, such as the poet Salem Saif Al Khalidi, who gathered us in the “DAWN of POETS” supplement, with poet Ali Al Khawar, poet Saif Al Shamsi, poet Ateeg Bin Khalfoon Al Qubaisi and poet Salem.



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